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John & Linda Jernigan

Bible Teachers

"Study to show yourself approved of God..."

~2 Timothy 2:15~

Linda and I are blessed and honored to be Pastor/Teachers under Pastors Corey and Jaime Ross at WCCC. We've dedicated our lives to God and His Word and teaching people how to have the abundance that God promises in His Word, through His Son Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. In short, we help others learn to live by "God's ways of doing things" (as Pastor Corey says.)

God has been a central part of our lives since childhood. Raised in Kansas; Linda in Eldorado and I in Wichita, we come from strong Christian families. From our youth, we were taught by example to love God, the Bible and Jesus. Church was a big part of our lives. Both of us were saved at a young age and raised in "God's ways of doing things" to the best of our parents' abilities. We met in college where we were both involved in an outreach program and bible fellowship. We were married in 1976 at WSU and started our lives together teaching the bible and raising our children in our home.

In 1986, Linda and I graduated from a bible college in Indiana with a degree in Biblical Studies, church leadership and were ordained. We spent several years in Waco then Austin, TX teaching, preaching and sharing God's Word from the church in our home. We also ran bible classes, coordinated a bookstore and whatever else we were asked.

In 2001, we moved to Leander and "retired" from the ministry so to speak. We continued to look for a church home, visiting many until 2006 when God led us to WCCC with Pastors Corey and Jaime Ross. The first time we walked into a service, we knew in our hearts that we had found our church home. Since that day our hearts have been to help wherever help is needed. Four of our six grandchildren (Jordan, Cody, Collin and Kailee) have been saved at WCCC and we are looking forward the day when our other two, Jacob and Allison make that same decision.

We are planted and growing here at WCCC! It is our joy and privilege to help all of our Pastors, at WCCC, fulfill the vision that God gave Pastor Corey for Harvest Ranch.

Come grow with us and learn what it means to study and show yourself approved..."COWBOY STYLE"!!



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